PMI Linear Bearing Units – Part 1

The PMI (formerly AMT) linear guideways are designed to have a rolling motion that produces low friction while maintaining high precision. The company has produced a number of other models that we will feature on this blog in the future, but here we focus on the linear bearing units that are named after variations of the product code MSA00ESSFCN, with the zeroes replaced by the differentiating numbers that reference the size of the guideway. MSA15ESSFCN This linear ball bearing guideway unit features an E-type flange, with the mounting position optional at either the top or the bottom. The end seal is bi-directional with there being both a bottom and inner seal. A popular feature of these PMI-AMT linear bearing units […]

ConveyXonic Special Feature: PJ286 and PJ336 Belts

The ConveyXonic series of power transmission belts are revolutionising the roller conveyor manufacturing industry by featuring longitudinal ribs which can be adjusted to transport loads ranging in weight from one kilogram up to two tonnes. Below we take a closer look at the PJ286 and PJ336 belt models, both designed with the intention of replacing more limited conveyor systems such as the flat belt, round belt and chain belt systems. PJ286 ConveyXonic Belts The PJ286 belt features the ConveyXonic series’ longitudinal ribs and is a power transmission belt that has been specially designed for roller conveyors. The PJ286 model is made out of the same Polyamide rubber compound that the rest of the ConveyXonic range utilise and which enables them […]

Industrial Gearboxes & Geared Motors

Industrial gearbox suppliers such as YB Components have access to a wide variety of gearboxes and geared-motor unit designs. There are so many different types with industrial gearbox manufacturers often having multiple examples of the many different kinds of gears available in their product catalogues. With so many to choose from, it often falls to the industrial gearbox distributors themselves to help explain which type of gear is best suited to which type of operation. Here is a quick guide to a few of the most common gear designs and their functional capabilities. Spur Gearboxes & Geared Motors The most common and basic design of industrial gearboxes is the spur model, which resembles a classic cog with the teeth radiating […]

Variable Speed Belt Special Feature

One of the most popular products shipped around the world by YB Components is the variable speed belt. There are many manufacturers of this product, each with their own designs, some specific to a particular application while others are more versatile and can be adopted to different purposes. Here we take a brief look at some of the most popular models of variable speed belt available and give the lowdown on each of them. Optibelt Super TX Belt The Optibelt Super TX Belt has been built with extremely small pulley diameters in mind, with the moulded cogs of this variable speed belt enjoying an extra flexibility thanks to being manufactured with a high quality rubber compound. For a guarantee of […]

ConveyXonic’s Conveyor Belt Revolution

The ConveyXonic belt is a power transmission elastic belt that features longitudinal ribs and has been specifically developed for roller conveyors transporting loads ranging in weight from 1 kg up to 2 tonnes. This revolutionary belt drive system is designed to replace all six major drive systems used in conveyor assembly. That is the flat belt system, round belt, chain and timing belt, twisted belt and the tangential belt system; all made redundant by ConveyXonic belts. These power transmission elastic belts are manufactured by French firm Hutchinson, who are one of the world’s leaders in elastomer transformation and who operate under the umbrella of the Total Group multinational corporation. ConveyXonic Belts and the Poly-V Concept Hutchinson’s ConveyXonic belts – sometimes […]