Tschan’s Nor-Mex Coupling Designs

The Nor-Mex series of couplings by Tschan are some of the most flexible and rotationally resilient of all coupling designs on the market. This exceptional flexibility enables the Tschan Nor-Mex couplings to compensate for angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignments of the two shafts connected by the coupling. Often there are some concerns with regard to the atmosphere that flexible couplings are to be used in, as extreme temperatures or excessive dirt and dust can interfere with their operational functionality. This is a problem faced by most flexible coupling designs, so machines requiring hardier couplings will likely have to settle for a less flexible version. However, Tschan have found a middle ground by using a special rubber to manufacture the […]

Reasons to Buy Industrial Components Through YB Components

Many manufacturers of industrial machinery components make their products available through their own websites or physical premises, so why use a parts supplier like YB Components when you can go directly to the manufacturer themselves? Actually, there are a number of reasons why buying industrial parts such as gearboxes, motors, couplings and clutches through a specialist supplier is better than going directly to the manufacturer. Firstly, most manufacturers are exactly that: manufacturers. Their primary concern is the design and manufacturing of their products. Some of them do have a perfunctory shop or delivery service, but it is usually an afterthought with the vast majority of their efforts going into the design and manufacturing processes. Gearboxes suppliers such as YB Components […]

Sankyo Oilless Bearings and Bushes

Sankyo Oilless Industry are the expert manufacturers of specialised machine parts which can be operated without additional liquid lubrication such as grease or other oily fluids. The Sankyo engineers have designed and created a variety of solid lubricant products which allow many different industrial applications to operate smoothly without any compromise to the efficiency or productivity of the process. Sankyo even use their own smaller parts to create larger machinery components, primarily for the industries that use presses and moulds. Here we take a brief look at some of the many uses that the Sankyo Oilless industry components are have been put to, with a special focus the Sankyo Oilless bearings and Sankyo Oilless bushes and strips. Sankyo Oilless Bearings […]

Exploring Kauermann Couplings

Kauermann Couplings are a German coupling manufacturer operating out of Dusseldorf in western Germany, a city renowned as being one of the country’s busiest international business and financial centres. The Dusseldorf trade fairs are famous among industry experts, so it is no surprise to find the city being host to one of the world’s finest machinery parts manufacturers. Kauermann have produced a variety of high quality coupling products which have proven to be exceptionally popular across a wide range of industries and applications. Here we take a closer look at one of the most popular Kauermann coupling products, as well as provide a brief overview of their other designs. Kauermann’s Kegelflex Couplings The Kegelflex coupling is designed to be highly […]