Danfoss Bauer Suppliers

The talented engineers at Danfoss Bauer are well known for manufacturing some of the highest quality geared motor units. They have been building their reputation as one of the best in the business for over ninety years now, growing into a global brand and many industrial company’s preferred source for high-quality and reliable geared motors. Bauer’s in-house engineers are continually developing technically-advanced gearbox solutions that usually feature motors that are as energy efficient as possible. Their innovative approach to gearbox design and manufacture has resulted in a range of energy efficient products that are popular throughout a wide variety of industries and applications. Here we examine exactly what makes Bauer products so popular. Bauer Premium Efficiency Geared Motors The products […]

A look at Reich Couplings

Reich Couplings are a family-run business founded over 70 years ago which has since been continually evolving as a company. Beginning as a simple spare parts manufacturer for the mining industry, the business has continued to expand into the internationally renowned power transmission specialists they are known as today. Reich Kupplungen, as the brand is known in their native German, develop and produce torsionally flexible couplings which are predominantly used for applications including combustion engines and power generation plant machinery as well as other instationary and mobile applications. They are particular popular for use in the manufacture and operation of construction machinery, commercial vehicles, railway engineering and shipbuilding. Couplings Available Through Reich Parts Suppliers Reich produce multiple different coupling models, […]

Convey Xonic Power Transmission Belt

The Convey Xonic is a power transmission elastic belt which features longitudinal ribs and has been specifically designed for roller conveyors which need to transport loads that vary greatly in weight. The Convey Xonic manufacturers have developed this roller and pallet conveyor to be able to withstand weights up to two tonnes while also capable of transporting much smaller packages weighing as little as a kilo. Convey Xonic Load Weight Specifications Usually stylised without a space between the words, simply as ConveyXonic, this special roller conveyor’s ‘light loads’ specifications will handle a range of load weights between one kilo and 400kg. The Convey Xonic for any load weight specification can come in a straight or curved design according to the […]

Common Coupling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

One of the most common components found in industrial machinery is the humble coupling. It is used in a wide variety of industrial applications and is so commonplace that it is quite surprising how little is known about them. Many machine operators and mechanics are unaware of how to take care of them correctly. This leads to various problems, the least of which is an increased wear and tear factor shortening a coupling’s potential lifespan. Larger problems can occur as well, up to and including the complete breakdown of the machinery itself. This means downtime while repairs are made, replacements parts ordered and delivered from couplings suppliers, and all the while production has ground to a halt. All Coupling Designs […]

Lamidisc All Steel Coupling by Jaure Couplings

Jaure Couplings manufacture one of the most prominent types of coupling across many industrial sectors in the form of their trademarked Lamidisc all steel coupling. This special coupling is one of the many innovative solutions that Jaure products aim to provide for a wide variety of sectors such as the metal working industries using steel, aluminium and copper. Jaure are also well known for producing components for machinery used in the paper and mineral industries, as well as designing and manufacturing specific parts for use with many different kinds of large cranes and hoisting machinery. Jaure Couplings itself now operates under the umbrella of the Regal Beloit Corporation which is one of the largest electric motor manufacturers in the world. […]