Ballscrews: Their Enduring Popularity

One of the most popular types of screw used across many different industries is the ballscrew, which is ideal for applications requiring precision motion control. As one of the most efficient screw designs, ballscrew manufacturers produce many variations to suit a wide variety of purposes. Using ballscrews is probably the most efficient way of converting torque or rotary motion into precise linear motion. Heavy loads are not a problem for ballscrews either as the ballscrew manufacturing process makes them sturdy enough to maintain excellent accuracy while moving heavy loads even at a fast pace. It is exactly this kind of reliability under stress that keeps ballscrews suppliers in business due to the huge demand for the product. An added bonus […]

Ave Plate Chains and Modular Belts

Ave Chains have long forged themselves a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of conveyor belt components. They produce plate chains, modular belts and sliders, as well as frame accessories and sprockets that are used in a wide variety of applications in industries all over the world. Here we take a focused look at a couple of their product lines, namely the plate chain belts and modular chain belts. Ave Chains Plate Chains The plated Ave Chains product provides a safe and smooth running conveyor belt movement. The Ave Chains special design of the plate chain enables the conveyor to turn at extremely tight angles which thus helps the conveying machinery minimise the amount of space it needs […]

Variable Speed Drive Suppliers

There are many pulley and belt manufacturers who produce top quality products, with YB Components keen to ensure their good work is available to companies all over the world. Below we feature just a couple of the variable speed drive manufacturers whose parts and products are available to order through YB Components. Berges Variable Speed Pulleys and Belts Berges are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of variable speed drive products. They have been at the forefront of speed drive innovation ever since their acquisition of the Becker asymmetrical pulley system back in 2003. Since adopting and subsequently pioneering this system, Berges has become the global specialist in mechanically variable pulley technology with an extraordinarily wide range of products. Those […]

Top Six Ways to Avoid Needing Gearbox Repair Services

The lifespan of industrial gearboxes will obviously vary according to the design and quality of the build, but another determiner of gearbox longevity is the level of care and maintenance it receives. There will be some models of gearboxes manufacture that are difficult to maintain optimally due to difficulty of access, but as they are one of the most important components of machines in a wide number of industries, it is important to understand how to maximise their lifespan. Requiring a gearbox repair service means downtime for the machinery, which means less productivity for the company on the whole. To help prevent this, here is a list of six of the best ways to avoid needing to call in any […]