Kumera Clutches and Gearboxes

              Kumera clutches and gearboxes have been manufactured by Finland’s Kimura Corporation for well over three quarters of a century now, through which time they have developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality power transmission products. Kumera’s dedicated division, the Power Transmission Group, produces a wide range of Kumera clutches and Kumera gearboxes for many different applications for all of the major processing industries. Here we highlight a few of the most popular Kumera clutches and gearboxes that are available through YB Components. Kumera Clutches – One Stage Helical Gearboxes The One Stage Helical Kumera Gearboxes are known as the LX Series and are specifically designed to be […]

Siraflex Spring Balancers

              Spring tool balancers are the ideal aid for helping with the manoeuvre of awkward or heavy tools and machinery. Siraflex tool balancers are specifically designed to take the weight of the load and allow the operator to move it around with ease. This enables tasks which require heavy machinery to be completed quicker, safer and far more efficiently. Here we take a look at some of the Siraflex spring balancers available through YB Components. The different flex types and load capacities mean the different models can be adapted for very different purposes. Siraflex Type A – Steel Braided Nylon Coated Wire There are two types of Siraflex Type A, and this first one […]

Pemaks Pneumatic Cylinders and Industrial Parts

                          Pemaks Pneumatic Cylinders was founded back in 1963 by two brothers who began by producing simple products such as nuts, bolts and hose sockets in their small workshop. Just over a decade later and they had expanded the business so much that they became Turkey’s first pneumatic cylinders manufacturers. Since then, Pemaks have grown into a global brand, exporting their pneumatic industrial parts across three continents, with the Pemaks parts becoming integral components of many of the world’s largest manufacturing business operations. They have achieved TSEK and ISO 9001 quality management certificates and continue to combine the most advanced technologies and up to date manufacturing techniques in […]