ZIPP Gearboxes

The ZIPP Group is a manufacturer of precision planetary gear reducers, as well as a wide range of professional industrial equipment such as cutting, grinding, construction and surface finishing tools.   ZIPP Gearboxes are used throughout many different types of industry all around the world, hence the need for reliable ZIPP gearbox suppliers such as YB Components. ZIPP’s range of high quality equipment include the likes of professional automotive servicing air tools, industrial air tools, construction air tools, blind fastening systems and torque control systems.   The pneumatic air tools and ancillary products are usually found being used in the automotive service industry, on production and assembly lines and in the construction industry. Perhaps most notably, ZIPP gearboxes and air […]

Parts Suppliers Play Vital Part in the Industrial Sector

The manufacture of industrial machinery components is one of the most global and internationally diverse industries in the world. For example, there are several high quality gearbox manufacturers dotted around the globe in various countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The same can be said for many of the other important machine parts such as couplings and variable speed belts.   With so many different manufacturing brands to choose from, and with many specialising in specific parts for specific purposes, it’s important that these products are made available to businesses who may need them no matter where their operations are based. That’s why parts suppliers like YB Components are so important to the industrial machinery sector. No matter which […]

Variable Speed Belts: Common Problems and Solutions

There are a few common problems that variable speed belt and pulley systems often encounter, but with a little care and attention they are pretty easy to solve. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common problems that v-belts suffer from and how to solve them.   Belt Slippage   A slipping variable speed belt will usually make itself known via an audible squealing noise, which should start occurring once a belt has slipped more than about 5% out of line. There are a variety of reasons why a belt such as the Carlisle variable speed belt might slip out of line, but thankfully there are easy solutions to all of these problems.   Firstly, the drive might be overloaded […]

Worm Gear Applications and Usages

Worm drives are a type of gear mechanism where a gear in the form of a screw (the ‘worm’) engages with a more conventional wheel gear. Together these gears form a worm drive, though they are often collectively referred to as a worm gear. Gearboxes consisting of a worm drive will usually be called worm gearboxes to differentiate them from other models, such as the Spaggiari worm gearboxes available from YB Components.   Worm drives operate pretty much like ordinary gear drives by reducing or increasing rotational speed or torque. Worm gears do have two main advantages over other gear types, with the first being that they can transfer motion at a ninety degree angle, and the second being that […]