Wanshsin Geared Motor Parts and Components

Wanshsin Seiko is a Chinese manufacturer of specialised gear motors. They have been producing a variety of speed-reducing motors ever since their founding in 2009. Their products as described briefly below have become necessary components for many different kinds of machines and industrial processes around the world. The products Wanshsin produce fit a particular niche for large, medium and micro-sized gear motors that are specifically designed for a number of different purposes.   While Wanshsin manufacture many different kinds of geared motor units to suit these applications, they are compartmentalised into three main categories which are explained in more detail below.   Planetary Speed Reducing Motors   The first of the three groups of geared motors manufactured by Wanshsin are […]

The Many Applications of Bonora Components

Motori Bonora, or Bonora Electric Motors as we tend to refer to them in the UK, are a family-owned and operated electric motor manufacturer founded in Italy in 1945. They specialise in designing and manufacturing both single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors.   Bonora Pump Motors   There are multiple pump applications which utilise Bonora components in their motors. Air pumps are used for a variety of purposes such as gas compressors and pneumatic tools. The Bonora motors can also be used in less demanding machines such as vacuum cleaners and aquarium filters. Ventilation systems often feature Bonora’s motors as well, with the electric power units helping facilitate the air conditioning of a wide variety of places such as office […]

Boneng Gearbox and Transmission Products

Boneng are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialised gearboxes and have been producing the likes of spiral bevel gear units and bevel helical gears since their founding in 1992. They began with a small team dedicated to engineering top quality gearbox and transmission products, and thanks to a marriage of hard graft with regular product innovations they quickly grew into the industry leader they are known as today.   Of course, suppliers of Boneng parts such as YB Components can now receive their goods from a number of different Boneng manufacturing and assembly plants across China, and soon there will be other new plants in Europe and possibly even America.   Boneng T-Series Spiral Bevel Gear Units   […]

Mondall Self-Aligning Bearing Supports

Mondall are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-aligning bearing supports and conveyor components. The company also produces a number of other industrial components and accessories, with t–slot aluminium extrusions and framings being one of their specialities along with the extensive range of self-aligning bearing supports.   Mondall’s stated company vision is to provide all the t-slot component solutions possible for any business involved in machine frame manufacture, assembly line building and other production facilities as well as many other numerous industrial applications across a wide variety of sectors.   How Mondall Became a Global Force   In recent years, Mondall have established themselves as a world leader in the sector of accessories for aluminium profiles. When the company […]