A look at Spraymation Thermopulse Units

The USA-based Spraymation company produce both standard and customized versions of their high quality fluid dispensing systems. They design and manufacture a variety of products for both heated and non-heated fluid applications, and specialise in the creation of electromechanical machinery and equipment for the application of thermoplastic and cold adhesives.   From sealing cartons of food products or corrugated cases, to bonding a variety of non-woven surfaces such as those in disposable nappy business or waterproof plasters, the Spraymation parts and products are in huge demand all around the world.   Spraymation Parts and Applications   As well as designing and manufacturing their own heated or non-heated fluid dispensing systems, Spraymation also produce all the related ancillary equipment for the […]

TB Wood’s: Innovators of Couplings and Belt Drives

  The manufacture of TB Wood’s industrial components has been going from strength to strength since the company’s founding over 150 years ago. Even though back at the very beginning they were just producing wood burning stoves, the company was still at the forefront of innovation even then, which is a quality that has remained with them throughout the years.   Nowadays, of course, TB Wood’s is regarded as an industry pioneer in the field of high quality industrial couplings, after having originally moved into the power transmission industry at the turn of the twentieth century. They also do a fine line in belted drive solutions these days with a wide variety of their patented products using proprietary designs unavailable […]

INA Linear Bearings

As part of the Schaeffer Group, INA has been contributing to the automotive and aerospace sectors for over seventy years since the company’s founding by the Schaeffer brothers in 1946. The products produced by INA can also be found in a wide range of industries beyond the automotive and aerospace sectors they are most renowned for.   Both the rolling and the plain variety of INA linear bearings are utilised in sectors as wide ranging as civil, electrical and agricultural engineering, as well as the likes of food processing and packaging, pneumatics, solar power plants, machine tools and an array of medical systems. The list goes on and on and actually counts over sixty different industrial sectors which rely on […]

Explaining Mann + Hummel Filters

The Mann + Hummel Group is responsible for some of the highest tech filtration systems available today. For over seventy years they have been a pioneering force in the market, innovating numerous air, water and oil filtration systems that began with simple fabric filters back in the 1940s. Even today, the company remains under the ownership of the relatives of the original Mr. Mann and Dr. Hummel who founded the business.   Expert Filtration System Designers   Over the years the company has continued to expand the business, broadening the scope of their filter designs by incorporating more and more pioneering technology into their production processes. These days, their wide range of filtration systems service an equally wide variety of […]