Legris Push-In Fittings

Legris started out as a small valve manufacturing company in France back in the middle of the nineteenth century. They soon expanded their business to produce surgical instruments and various other copper-based equipment such as gas nozzles and boilers. Luckily for a great many industries today, Legris’ business model continued to evolve with the times.   In 1969, the company invented the world’s first push-in fitting. Of course, this went mostly unnoticed at the time as people were understandably slightly more excited about the first human beings landing on the moon. But the invention of the push-in fitting would make this a landmark year for industrial components manufacturers with or without Apollo 11’s adventures.   Legris Push-in Fittings   These […]

Deepak Variable Speed Pulley Drives

The manufacture of the Deepak variable speed pulley drives occurs in Pune, India, where thirty-five years of experience has enabled the company to expand globally. With over a hundred thousand of their variable speed pulley drives in operation around the world, Deepak drives are used in a wide variety of industries such as printing, machine tools, pharma machinery, processing, packaging, woodworking, agriculture equipment and many others as well.   Since their founding in 1978, Deepak has grown to be India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of mechanical variable speed pulley drives and belts, especially for the industrial applications listed above. Below we take a closer look at just two of the most popular Deepak variable speed pulley drive products. Though they […]

Roulunds Roflex-Vari Industrial Transmission Belts

The Roulunds Roflex v-belts in general are well known for their versatility. The way they are designed with a core of natural rubber blended with power-transmitting tensile strands means that they can be adapted to the vast majority of industrial belt purposes. Roulunds’ belts are also fabric wrapped to protect them from external influences such as heat, oil and even dust particles. The fabric wrapping also helps prevent friction occurring at the points of contact between the belt and the pulley.   With very high cost effectiveness thanks to the high power transmission and relatively low price, the Roulunds variable speed belts are often equipped wherever an industrial machine requires a non-positive drive.   Roulunds Roflex-Vari Industrial Transmission Belts   […]

The Rich History of Carlisle Variable Speed Belts

Carlisle Companies and the Timken Company are well known for the Carlisle variable speed belts which they manufacture for a wide variety of industries. The applications of their high performance belts include agricultural and construction machinery, as well as outdoor power equipment such as ride-on lawnmowers and even All Terrain Vehicles like jeeps and quad bikes.   But while the high quality of the Carlisle variable speed belt is well known already, it’s also worth digging a little into the history behind this company’s rise to global renown.   A Brief History of the Carlisle Company   The history of the Carlisle High Performance Belts company is a long and storied one, and could probably fill the pages of a […]

Rectus Hose Couplings

Anyone knowledgeable about quick connect hose coupling systems will likely be able to name Rectus as one of the world’s leading specialist companies developing connection solutions for low pressure systems. For several decades now, a great reputation has been forged as Rectus hose couplings have been renowned for their high quality, precision and reliability.   The quick connect couplings produced by Rectus have been and continue to be utilised across a wide variety of environments and industries, including pneumatic and compressed air systems as well as with liquid mediums. The amount of models they have developed which remain industry leaders is into double figures and the company is not slowing down any time soon.   A Brief History of Rectus […]