V-Belt Feature: Optibelt Super TX Belt

The Optibelt Super TX Belt is produced by the Arntz Optibelt Group which is one of the world’s leading producers of high performance drive belts such as the Super TX design. Optibelt’s reputation has been built on the manufacture of high quality products that are reliably durable without any compromises to performance power or efficiency.   The company’s products such as the Optibelt Super TX Belt – which we will focus on in more detail below – have been utilised in a wide variety of industrial sectors including machine engineering and agricultural engineering, as well as many more.   A Family Business Goes Global   The Arntz Optibelt Group is still family owned and operated, though they have expanded their […]

V-Belt Feature: Megadyne Variable Speed Belt

There is quite a good selection of high quality variable speed belts to choose from, so it’s a good idea to know what level of performance you require before perusing the options. All types of varisect belts or V-belts, as they are sometimes called, will be designed for variable speed transmissions in order to provide the operator with a wider variety of driven speeds. However, there can be one or two, if not several, key differences between the products which may influence a purchase decision.   For example, certain brands might produce a variable speed belt that has smoother or longer lasting characteristics than other brands, while another V-belt manufacturer might produce a version that is less smooth but has […]

Explaining Continental ContiTech

It’s difficult to travel anywhere in this world using any form of transportation without encountering products manufactured by Continental AG. The German manufacturing giant produces so many major and minor components for the automotive and transportation industries that their influence can often seem ubiquitous.   Of course, one of the major factors behind their expansive reach is the superior quality of the parts they produce, such as the Continental Variflex Z Belt, which is worth a mention here as it is one of the variety of Continental-made components which can be acquired through YB Components.   The Continental Variflex Z Belt is probably better described as the ContiTech Variflex Z Belt, as the sub-division responsible for the belt’s manufacture operates […]

90 years of Bauer Gear Motors

Bauer Gear Motor has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient geared-motor units for over ninety years now, though they have undergone a fair few changes along the way. Originally a family business with the head of the company directly descending from their forebear, the company has always focused on the quality of their geared-motor unit products.   While many folks these days likely just want the product and care little for the story behind it, we like to keep ourselves aware of how a business came to be so well regarded around the world. And for Bauer, that story is quite a long one, though we will try and keep it brief just to give you an […]