Sit Couplings and Sitex Couplings

Our blog recently featured some of the products produced by Sit Couplings, where we took an in depth look at their Trasco flexible and zero backlash couplings. However, those are just two of a wide range of popular machinery components that Sit Couplings manufacture, so it’s worthwhile delving a little further into their product catalogue and examining a few more of the high quality couplings and joints they have to offer.   SITEX Couplings   These steel teeth couplings consist of a pair of hubs with milled teeth which are brought together and connected by a larger ‘sleeve’ featuring internal teeth grooves. While the hubs are steel, the inner connecting sleeve is made from a stabilized form of super-polyamide resin. […]

Spaggiari Trasmissioni Bevel Helical and SW Series

Spaggiari Trasmissioni is a subsidiary of the Motovario company, which is renowned around the world for its manufacture of power transmission components for both civil and industrial applications. Spaggiari Trasmissioni themselves manufacture a variety of coaxial gearboxes, worm gearboxes and geared-motor units. Their premium quality products also include the likes of variable speed variators, motor-variators, large belt closed motor-variators, as well as bevel helical and parallel shaft gearboxes. The company is based in Formigine, Italy, in the province of Modena, where they were originally founded, and they continue to operate out of there ever since their takeover by the Italian manufacturing giant, Motovario, in 1998.   Motovario itself was founded in the same province as Spaggiari Trasmissioni back in 1965 […]

Trasco Flexible and Zero Backlash Couplings

Trasco ES zero backlash couplings and Trasco flexible couplings are produced by SIT Couplings, a company based in Italy which can trace its beginnings back nearly two centuries ago to an innovative engineer who made wooden pulleys for the textile industry of that time. Obviously, there have been a lot of changes since then, and these days SIT Couplings are globally renowned for their wide variety of coupling designs and manufacture.   The Trasco flexible couplings and Trasco ES zero backlash couplings are just two of SIT’s many coupling innovations, but they are a special pair that remain two of the their most popular designs so it’s worth taking a closer look at the specifications which stand them apart from […]

The Many Applications of Sirem Pumps & Motors

Sirem is a French company based near the city of Lyon in France where they design and manufacture innovative and customised electric gear motors, pumps, motorized rollers and drums. The products that Sirem manufactures have a wide number of uses so let’s have a closer look at some of the main applications Sirem’s products are renowned for.   Sirem Gear Motors   Sirem’s gear motor designs are often used for stirring milk in cooling tanks, which is required for the homogeneous cooling process employed by many dairy farmers. As they produce such large quantities of milk, the produce is stored and cooled in either open or closed cooling tanks. The homogeneous cooling process then requires at least one motorised agitator, […]