A look at Juboflex Couplings

The flexibility of couplings is especially important when transmitting torque from a drive shaft onto a driven shaft. This flexibility allows the coupling to absorb minor shocks and regulate irregularities in the torque. They can also compensate for any misalignment between the drive shaft and the driven shaft, enabling the coupling to handle any offset between them. A well designed and efficiently flexible coupling can also distribute peak loads while allowing for some distortion within the mounting beds.   When machines coupled with connected shafts are mounted on flexible bases, the flexibility of the couplings on the shafts becomes even more important. A coupling such as the Juboflex couplings described in further detail below can help avoid certain constraints that […]

Senotec Switching Amplifier Designs

Senotec Sensors are considered to be one of the world’s best specialists for capacity level controls that handle the likes of high temperatures, containers of varying size (even very small), adhering materials and other complicated spatial conditions. Their products are focused on flexibility and continuity of operation, and they are closing in on two decades of supplying vital components to a wide variety of industries including mechanical engineering, packaging, paint-spraying, hygiene, bookbinding and textiles. Let’s take a closer look at a few of their most popular products.   CLS Switching Amplifier Series   The CLS series of Senotec switching amplifiers are suitable for pretty much all standard applications. They are ideal for vertical and/or horizontal installation of the filling level […]

Zurrer Worm Gear Designs

Zurrer has been producing some of the finest examples of worm gears and geared-motors in the industry for over a century now, so it’s time to take a glance at some of their excellent gear designs and the ranges they offer which can be acquired through YB Components.   Zurrer Worm Gears – MULTIHELIX   The MULTIHELIX range of Zurrer worm gears are a light and universal variety of worm gear, consisting of a modular system. As per usual with Zurrer’s machine components, the MULTIHELIX series is manufactured with premium quality raw materials. They are available in one or two stages and have been designed with the latest computer-aided design system. The premium raw materials are all used with their […]

AMC Mecanocaucho’s BRB Captive and BSB Engine Mounts

AMC Mecanocaucho have been producing top of the range anti-vibration mounts since 1969 and have earned a reputation for themselves as pioneers of the industry. They have manufactured and designed some of the best anti-vibration mounts that are used throughout a wide range of industries. Thanks to AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers such as YB Components, they have been helping businesses all around the world to reduce the integral vibrations and air-borne noise of their industrial machines.   Over the years, AMC has created quite the comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts. We won’t have space in this single blog to describe all of their designs, but we can highlight a couple of the more popular ones.   BRB Captive and BSB Engine […]

A look at AMT Linear Bearings

AMT linear bearings, as they used to be known, are manufactured by the PMI Group. As such, the AMT linear bearings are more accurately referred to as PMI linear bearings these days, though the former AMT name is still well known among a wide variety of industries.   The PMI Group has been heavily involved in the production of ballscrews, guide ways and linear bearings ever since they manufactured their first ballscrew back in 1991. Their focus has always been what they describe as the ‘critical components of precision machinery’. This means they produce parts for machine tools as well as other industrial machinery such as electric discharging, wire cutting and plastics injection machines. Those in charge of AMT linear […]