Orpex Couplings: What they are and what they are used for

Desch Orpex couplings are primarily used to ensure completely reliable torque transmission thanks to their ability to self-align during operation. Without this self-aligning feature, operations can end up suffering delay after delay as the re-alignment would have to be done manually causing regular downtime. These special Desch couplings help save time and money by eliminating such moments of inactivity.   The Orpex coupling in particular has been used in heavy drives for decades as it is known to be one of the most reliable and practically maintenance-free industrial machine components on the market. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.   Orpex Coupling Features   The pin coupling and plug-in coupling means that these Desch clutches […]

Exploring Heidelberg Printing Machines

Heidelberg has been a major player in the global printing industry for a long time now, providing many of their clients and partners with high quality printing press solutions. They have recently been helping to advance the digitalisation of the industry, innovating ever newer and digitally integrated production processes. However, no matter how modern many of their recent innovations are, there are still many businesses around the world that rely on their older printing press models for their company’s internal and external printing-related processes.   That’s where Heidelberg parts suppliers become invaluable, providing special components such as the pulley for Heidelberg printing machines to ensure the businesses using them can keep their printing presses operational at all times.   Heidelberg […]

A look at Sankyo Oilless

Sankyo Oilless specialise in the manufacture of oilless metals and machine parts, which usually involve a variety of solid lubricants in order to enable smooth operation within an industrial machine without compromising the efficiency or productivity. Since Sankyo Oilless manufacture began in Japan back in 1964, they have been continuously researching materials and developing products to satisfy their customers’ needs. So customer-focused are they that their company mission statement simply reads, ‘Stepping forward with customers together.’   Sankyo Oilless Distributors Provide Solutions   While Sankyo Oilless should be praised for the numerous solutions they have provided for many industrial machinery problems through the development of their solid lubricant products, it is the Sankyo Oilless suppliers who make the Sankyo Oilless […]

4 Ways to Extend the Life of Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Anybody involved in a business that uses heavy machinery should be aware of exactly how much maintenance their equipment requires, but it’s always worth brushing up on some of the general maintenance guidelines which should be followed in order to help keep a business and its machinery running smoothly.   Obviously, each piece of machinery will need different levels of care and different kinds of attention individual to its own operational capabilities. Anti-vibration mounts will not need the same kind of maintenance that a set of TCB barrel couplings need, nor as much regular attention as gearboxes and geared motor units require to continue running smoothly. However, on top of all the extra types of maintenance each unique piece of […]