Sepro AB Control Systems

Sepro AB is a Swedish company specialising in the manufacture of high quality control systems for a wide range of uses. Mostly they are employed for electric control of mechanical systems, though there is quite a lot of variety in the product models they produce.   Sepro also offer a customisable service to their clients so they can best meet the individual needs of any given situation and make the mechanisms they control ever more efficient. However, they also have several standard model control systems which can be acquired through Sepro AB suppliers such as YB Components.   Sepro Control Systems in Action   The Sepro AB manufacture control systems are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors, and […]

Industrial Noise Reduction

Thanks to government legislation along with increased awareness of the dangers of excessive noise, there have been many recent innovations which help reduce the din made by industrial machinery. For example, modern gearboxes and geared motors often feature couplings and components which are specifically designed to help reduce noise either through the material they are made from or via a design mechanism which minimises impactful contact between particular surfaces.   While the health and safety of employees such as machine operators or simply those who work in the vicinity of industrial machines is of paramount importance, there are other reasons why an industrial business may seek to soundproof its factories and reduce the noise of its machines as much as […]

Learning about Heynau Gearboxes

Heynau gearboxes are some of the best mechanical variable speed drives on the market, with their simple construction consisting of just a few components making them highly efficient and reliable. Known as Heynau getreibe in the company’s native Germany, the Heynau gearboxes are renowned not only for their efficient operational capacities, but for their durability and noise-reducing design.   While YB Components are able to ship these excellent speed drives and components all over the world, they also have the capacity to recondition old units via their repair services (more information on which is at the bottom of this article), though of course the success of this does depend on the condition and age of the unit.   Heynau Gearboxes […]

Murtfeldt Still Making the Best Tensioners and Wearstrips

Murtfeldt are a long-established German company who specialise in the production of plastic wearstrips and tensioners, with their trademarked ‘S’ Green product installing the company as one of the world’s leading plastics manufacturers. Murtfeldt tensioners manufacture is a streamlined process which creates an unrivalled end product, and the Murtfeldt wearstrips manufacturing process is no less esteemed. After sixty-two years of development, Murtfeldt are still producing some of the best examples of these products in the world today.   A Brief History of Murtfeldt Plastics   Murtfeldt Plastics were founded in 1954 by Fritz Murtfeldt, who at the time intended to produce and market industrial tools of all types for mining and various other industries using heavy machinery. What’s remarkable about […]