Coupling Assembly and Maintenance – Part 2

In the first part of this blog, we discussed how it’s important to remember that just because a particular coupling fits, that doesn’t necessarily make it the correct coupling. A quick look through any of the brands such as Jaure Couplings or Falk Couplings will tell you there are many flexible coupling designs which have various attributes which make them more suitable to certain tasks than others. That’s why it’s worth every company’s time to liaise with the couplings manufacturers or suppliers to ensure they are choosing the right design for their machines.   There are other general maintenance and coupling assembly issues that need addressing too though, so we will wade into those below.   Balanced Axial Spacing is […]

Coupling Assembly and Maintenance – Part 1

Companies of all sizes and national or international reach which use industrial machinery will usually afford a good amount of time and money ensuring their machines are up to spec before sending them into action. One huge part of this process is making sure that the shaft couplings are properly aligned, as well as ensuring they are assembled correctly and that regular maintenance is scheduled to keep on top of any problems that might arise.   Couplings should last a good while before needing to be replaced, but only when they are assembled and aligned correctly and they receive regular maintenance. Without regular maintenance, the coupling could fail as soon as the machine approaches full power.   Maintenance Starts with […]

Ensuring Couplings are Fit for Purpose

When you need to transmit power from one mechanical shaft to another, then you need to use a coupling to connect the two shafts together. However, there are a great many different types of couplings from Trasco flexible couplings to Tschan posiflex couplings and TCB barrel couplings to universal joints. Knowing in advance which type of coupling you will need for the machinery in operation at your business can help save a lot of time and money when it comes to replacing worn parts and components.   Understanding How Couplings Work   Usually couplings will not be able to be disconnected during operation, or rather the shafts that the coupling is connecting will not be able to disconnect. However certain […]

Dinal Flexible Couplings

Dinal Flexible Couplings are an Italian manufacturer of a wide variety of flexible coupling types designed for use with any industrial application where a constant rotational movement and absolute torque rigidity is required. Dinal have built a reputation over the years for the high quality coupling designs that they manufacture.   Dinal (sometimes stylised as operate out of Monza, just north of Milan in Italy, though their high quality coupling designs such as the Dinal Specialmatic Coupling and the series of Dinal GEL Couplings are available around the world thanks to worldwide coupling distributors such as YB Components.   Dinal GEL Couplings   Most of Dinal’s couplings feature a wide variety of tweaked designs for an even wider range […]

Berges Variable Speed Drive Technology

Berges are a German manufacturer of variable speed pulleys and speed belts, known in the industry as one of the leading producers of variable speed pulley technology. Their operations have long since expanded beyond Germany via partner companies such as YB Components who distribute the Berges speed belts and Berges variable speed pulleys all over the world.   A Brief History of Berges Variable Speed Pulleys and Belts   The Berges Company was founded back in 1926 by two brothers, Carl and Wilhelm Berges, in the Marienheide region in western Germany near Dortmund and Dusseldorf. In the beginning, the Berges brothers’ main focus was on manufacturing presses and die-cutters for the purpose of processing metals and various plastics. Then, in […]