4 Tips for Large Machinery Maintenance

Most problems with large machinery are solved via preventative measures before they become actual problems, so it’s important to know how to maintain such equipment correctly so that major issues are not something our businesses have to deal with on a regular basis. The following list contains four vital methods for keeping large machinery in good working order.   Make Scheduled Maintenance a Priority   Wear and tear is inevitable in many cases so a regular maintenance schedule is crucial to ensuring you remain on top of any issues before they cause even bigger problems. Regularly inspecting the likes of your Spaggiari gearbox units for example can reveal a problem like rust before it badly damages the whole machine. When […]

The Different Types of Industrial Wear and Tear

If you are operating industrial machinery, or at least supervising or employing people who operate it for you, then you are no doubt aware of the many wear and tear problems that industrial companies must contend with.   Whether your business utilises variable speed belts, geared-motor units, parallel shaft gearboxes or any other kind of industrial machinery, no doubt you have already experienced many of the problems that arise. However, even if your geared-motor units have been operating perfectly so far, it’s worth being aware of all the potential issues that are likely to affect the various forms of industrial machinery ahead of time.   It’s true that most types of industrial equipment will encounter several kinds of wear and […]

Understanding Desch Clutches

Desch clutches are produced by an international manufacturer of various drive technologies based in Germany. They specialise in clutches and couplings, with the three primary Desch clutches being examined in further detail below.   As for the company behind these clutches, they have been around for over a hundred years in one form or another, having originally been established back in 1906. The business has stayed in the family all this time, and these days they still operate successfully as a family-owned enterprise managed by its owners in the fourth generation of the Desch family.   Planox Clutch Because of the potential for the vibrations caused by rotation to have negative knock-on effects, certainly in the likes of diesel engines, […]

Bauer Engineers Prove Their Worth

Recently, the Bauer Gear Motor Company helped an unnamed leading global aerospace and defence Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) create a unique gear drive solution to be used with a large inspection unit which was especially tricky due to the geared-motor unit being located in a clean room chamber. The Bauer gear-motors involved in the operation also had a rather large diameter of just less than three and a half metres. It was quite the test for the Bauer engineers, but they passed with flying colours.   Bauer Geared-Motor Units   The geared-motor units are being utilised in the hybrid propulsion drives installed on several warships belonging to the navy of the United States of America. The Bauer gear-motors rotate the […]