Advice about Jaure Couplings

Jaure Couplings have been a leading manufacturer of high quality couplings for nearly sixty years, having begun operations back in 1958. Their longevity in the industry is due to their expertise in their field which is helped by focusing on a select few products which they have designed to perfection. But while Jaure can boast facilities in the USA, Mexico, India and China, as well as a European presence in Slovakia, it is YB Components who are the leading Jaure Couplings distributor based out of the United Kingdom.   Who Are Jaure Couplings?   Jaure itself is part of the Regal Beloit Corporation as part of their Power Transmission Solutions division (PTS). Jaure are joined in the PTS division by […]

The Importance of Variable Speed Variators

Variable speed drives have grown in importance over the course of industrial expansion and the improvement of industrial machinery technology, and most sectors greatly benefit from the ability to vary the speed of the processing power of any and all machinery involved in the production of a particular product. While they are often commonplace these days, there are still a number of industries and individual companies who rely on fixed-speed motors, so it’s worth highlighting the importance of variable speed variators (the mechanical variety of ‘variable speed drives’) as the benefits have grown much greater than simply providing more control over the processing output.   Adjustable Speed Variator Benefits   If we look at one popular brand in isolation, we […]

Use Wrapflex Couplings for Increased Productivity

Wrapflex Couplings are non-lubricated couplings which are used in a variety of applications in many industries. They are unique in that they feature material-flexing with a Polyurethane element which provides the ideal wear and chemical resistance, helping produce a longer lasting product.   Wrapflex Couplings and Other Coupling Designs   In the most basic terms, a coupling is a device used with industrial machinery to connect two rods or shafts together at their connecting ends so that the powered shaft can transmit its power efficiently to the second shaft, although there are several other types of coupling with different purposes.   There are some torque-limiting couplings which can disconnect when a particular torque limit is exceeded, though usually the couplings […]

Understanding Vibration Isolation

Vibration isolation is exactly what it says on the tin, and that is the act of isolating a piece of equipment (or a particular part within a larger piece of equipment) from the cause of the vibration. The use of anti-vibration mounts and other such vibration reduction and isolation tools provide a lot of benefits to not only the machines they are used with, but to the people who operate them directly or work in the vicinity of them (thanks to noise reduction they induce).   While usually unavoidable with many examples of industrial machinery, vibration is an undesirable side effect which can reduce the life spans of a wide variety of industrial machines, even if they are not the […]

Minimising ‘Loss of Usefulness’ in Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery of any kind is usually hard-wearing but it is still prone to failure for several reasons. There are many malfunctions and complete breakdowns that can happen, of course, but there is also the threat of a simple loss of usefulness. Such a loss of usefulness may come in the form of Sirem pumps no longer pumping the full amount of gallons that the device was originally intended to, or a slight reduction in the range of variable speed belts.   There are a couple of main malfunction categories which can cause machine failure or a loss of usefulness. The main culprit is surface degradation and corrosion, with mechanical wear and tear being the other category.   Surface Degradation […]