Explaining AVE Chains

AVE Chains are a Spanish company based in the Catalonia region. Their products are available in the UK through YB Components who can supply all of their products quickly and efficiently to any business that requires high performance products such as those that AVE Chains produce. If you’re looking for line modular belts that are easy to assemble and feature a high resistance and low friction coefficient, then you have come to the right place.   AVE Chains Suppliers   AVE belts suppliers and AVE chains distributors all service a wide variety of industries around the world. Companies who utilise AVE chains and belts operate in sectors as wide-ranging as the bottling and packaging industries to the manufacture of cosmetics, […]

Sumitomo Cyclo Drives

The Sumitomo Concentric Cyclo Drive is special because it operates without gears, with the torque transmitting parts being exposed exclusively to compressive rather than shear forces. For the many worldwide users of these Cyclo Drives, this unique brand of drive provides a huge advantage as it reduces the risk of sudden failures due to overload.   While the high standard of quality found in the production of Sumitomo gearboxes is well known, what is less well known is exactly how much history the company has behind it.   History of Sumitomo Gearboxes   The Sumitomo Concentric series of gearboxes are produced by just one company within the Sumitomo Group, which itself is one of the biggest groups of companies not […]

Senotec Sensors Explained

Senotec manufacture sensors, switching amplifiers and filling level probes, and are regarded as the specialist producer of capacity level controls. Whether it is high temperatures or complicated spatial conditions that need to be monitored and adjusted for purpose, Senotec suppliers such as YB Components can ship the perfect products for your industry needs around the world.   Senotec Distributors Supply a Variety of Industries   The wide range of Senotec switching amplifiers and Senotec filling level probes service industries as wide-ranging as mechanical engineering to the hygiene industry. The Senotec sensor product range is also regularly utilised in the packaging and textile sectors, as well as being a crucial component in paint-spray lines and in the bookbinding industry. All kinds […]

100 Years of Zurrer Gears and Motors

This year sees the centenary anniversary of one of the most sought after producers of gearboxes and geared motors in Europe. Zurrer, or “Th. Zürrer AG” to give them their full name, is a family controlled stock company operating out of Stallikon-Zürich in Switzerland. They have a versatile range of products which are distributed in the United Kingdom by YB Components.   A Brief History of Zurrer Gearboxes and Zurrer Geared Motors   The original Zurrer company was first founded one hundred years ago in 1916. Back then they specialised in the manufacturer of motors and transformers, as well as model electric locomotives. In the aftermath of World War II, Zurrer began focusing on the manufacture of a variety of […]