Universal Joints Facts & Repair Strategy

A universal joint is a type of coupling which connects two rigid shafts allowing them to bend in any direction at the joint. Universal joints distributors will often refer to them as U-joints or universal couplings, and they can sometimes be found under the names Cardan joint (especially in Europe), Hooke’s joint or Hardy-Spicer joint.   The Purpose of a Universal Joint   The universal joints manufacture process makes them especially useful with shafts that transmit rotary motion, and they are commonly used for this task in a variety of vehicles and automobiles. You will often see universal joints suppliers specifically promoting them for this purpose, though there are other ways in which they can be utilised.   U-joints generally […]

The Case for Couplings and Clutches

Simply put, a coupling is a mechanical device which is primarily used to connect two different shafts together at each of their ends with the purpose of transmitting power from one shaft to the other. A clutch differs in that it directly engages or disengages the power that is transmitted from one shaft, the driving shaft, to the other shaft, the driven shaft. In their most basic application, clutches connect and disconnect two rotating shafts, with one of those shafts attached to and being powered by an engine and the other shaft producing the output power for whatever job is being carried out by the machinery employing the clutch.   Couplings differ in that they don’t normally allow for connection […]

Sira Spring Tool Balancer Flex Types

Spring tool balancers have long been helping operators manoeuvre their tools with ease by taking the weight of the tool to allow the operator to move it with the minimum of effort. Not only do they allow for easy and uncomplicated handling of the tool, but they help reduce operator fatigue as well, which in turn can provide a number of additional benefits. They minimise any downtime an operator needs, thus making certain jobs that require heavy tool usage move faster and be completed earlier.   These helpful devices are basically just a form of lifting equipment that takes the weight of a particular tool or other piece of equipment instead of the operator having to manage the weight themselves […]

Gearbox Maintenance: Top Five Tips

There are a lot of different gearbox styles out there but they all require the same thing: careful maintenance. To maximise the performance of your gearbox, it is always wise to conduct regular inspections to ensure it is running at its optimal capacity. However, a full-on inspection will usually require your machine to undertake unnecessary downtime, though this is still better than requiring a gearbox repair service because you didn’t catch a problem in time.   There are plenty of extra bits and bobs we can do to care for our gearboxes, but in the interests of brevity, here’s a rundown of the top five tips for gearbox maintenance.   Minimise Environmental Effects for Increased Performance   Gearboxes are often […]