The Science Behind Ballscrews

Ballscrews are an essential component of precision machinery as they are a linear actuator that is able to turn rotational motion into linear motion. They achieve this via ball bearings which operate like a precision screw, utilising the helical pathway of the threaded shaft. They are especially useful for precision machinery as the screwing action produces little internal friction and thus doesn’t interfere with the machine’s precise operations.   While distinctly different from a standard screw and nut, the ballscrew (sometimes written as ‘ball screw’) has essentially similar parts, with the ball bearing assembly operating as the nut while the threaded shaft operates as the screw itself. A Ballscrews‘ manufacture may see them built quite bulky, as the housing requires an in-built […]

Benefits of supply chain management

YB Components has a database of more than 150,000 manufacturers of the likes of Clc22 switching amplifiers and Centrex clutches across America and Europe. By offering a ‘source and supply’ service of thousands of vital industrial parts for machinery and equipment, YB Components helps our customers save money by purchasing essential components cheaper and locally. As the Small Business Chronicle writes, effective supply chains offer businesses of all sizes and industries a competitive edge as they help “mitigate risks associated with acquiring raw materials and delivering products or services.” If you are thinking about implementing a supply chain management system, you might be interested in reading about the different benefits such systems create for businesses. Shipping Buying from the other […]

Vital safety functions in pneumatic systems

YB Components has years of experience sourcing and supplying specialist parts such as Sira spring tool balancers, Bevel helical components, Conax clutches, Enemac shaft locking devices, and a whole host of other vital machinery parts. Our database of more than 150,000 manufacturers throughout America and Europe include specialist pneumatic components for pneumatic systems. Pneumatics is a type of engineering, which utilises pressurised air or gas. It is common for pneumatic systems to be powered by either compressed inert gas or compressed air. These highly skilled mechanical processes are most commonly used in mills, factories, construction, and other technology and building arenas. If you do work with pneumatic systems and are interested in the different vital safety functions within the systems, […]

Using industrial components in upcycling projects

Industrial interior design is all the rage these days. The ‘warehouse look’ that combines industrial features such as stainless steel surfaces, vintage furniture and metal light fixtures with other styles, are proving to be a popular look both in residential and commercial interior design. Industrial components can play a key role in these super fashionable interiors. From a Sirem gearbox that’s no longer required, a Planox clutch that’s seen better days and an Orpex coupling which has finally given up the goose, if you’re wandering about what to do with unused industrial components you may have stored and taking up valuable space in a yard, workshop or even home, you may want to think about using such parts for ultra-fashionable […]

Five different types of commonly-used mechanical power transmission couplings

From Habix couplings, to Jaure couplings, Falk wraplex couplings to Steelflex grid couplings, as we wrote in a blog about selecting the right coupling, it is vital we choose the right one for the task and application in hand. When choosing a power transmission coupling it is also important that you select the right one for your specific purpose. You will need to consider the size and specification of the coupling so it will safely meet your requirements in a cost-effective manner. As JBJ Techniques advises, there is a huge range of couplings to meet the specifications of a diverse amount of applications, including flexible spider couplings, miniature couplings, torque limiting couplings, shaft couplings, magnetic couplings, amongst others. Take a […]