Tips for the effective cleaning of industrial parts and metal surfaces

The cleaning of components and metal is an essential feature of many industrial processes.  Though the cleaning of the likes of Sirem motors, Sferax linear bearings, Orpex couplings, Planox clutches and other vital industrial components, as well as metal surfaces often requires specialist cleaning techniques in order to protect the parts from becoming damaged.   The cleaning of important industrial components and metal surfaces can act as an introduction to protect sensitive parts and to surface finishing.   Electroplating   Often referred to as ‘plating’, electroplating is an effective process used to clean industrial parts. The process essentially involves the use of electric currents to decrease dissolved metal cations as a means of forming a lucid metal coating on an […]

Hydraulic press system designed to save on production costs and be more energy efficient

In a recent blog YB Components, specialists in the supply of specialist industrial parts like Zurrer gearboxes and Tschan posiflex couplings, wrote about how hydraulic components are vital for the operation of numerous drive systems, tools and cylinders. As Valve Hydraulic informs, practically all hydraulic circuits are virtually the same, regardless of their application and rely on six basic components, which are necessary for setting up a hydraulic system. These components include a reservoir pump in order to hold the liquid, a pump which is used to pump the liquid through the system, an electric motor is also required in order to drive the pump, or if not an electric motor, another type of power source. Valves are also needed […]

Tips for improving warehousing operations

As long as essential parts and products, such as Sirem motors, Dinal couplings and Berges speed belts roll out on time and customers receive their goods and are happy, warehouse operations are easy, right? Not quite. The process involved in warehousing and the storing, handling, processing and distribution of goods is often more complex than first perceived and requires some pretty tight organisation. Matt Grierson, managing director of Dexion, provider of industrial and commercial storage solutions throughout Europe, says only a small percentage of companies approach him because they want to move into a larger premises, and the rest have sufficient space they are just not using it to its optimum. “Inefficiency just happens. You start with a big empty […]

Best lubricants and anti-freeze for ancillary products

Ancillary products come in many shapes, sizes and models. From arrowflex to ave chains, Amt linear bearings to AMC Anti-Vibration, Murtdfeldt Wearstrips and Tensioners to Senotec Level Sensore, YB Components are specialists in sourcing and supplying a broad range of ancillary products made by lesser known manufacturers. Like all industrial components ancillary products need lubricated in order to maintain their condition and keep operating at their optimum. If you are wanting to lubricate any type of industrial ancillary product, take a look at some of the best lubricants available for the likes of Sira spring balancers and Ave chains. GB Long-life anti-freeze In its guide on lubricants and anti-freeze for ancillary products, GB Lubricants recommends GB Meg Antifreeze. A premium […]