Global Industrial Gearbox Market Report 2015 – 2019

Whether it’s a Kumera gearbox, a Sirem gearbox, a Spaggiari gearbox or any other type of industrial gearbox, these essential components are vital in transferring energy from one device to another. Industrial gearboxes are positioned at the junction of the power shaft and the motor and offer a degree of variation based on the arrangement and the construction of the gears. Based on these configurations, the operational characteristics of these important mechanical parts differ. According to the Global Industrial Gearbox Market 2015 – 2019 Report, the global industrial gearbox industry is set to grow at a CAGR rate of 5.41 percent during the period 2014 – 2019. The report is based on in-depth market analysis with opinion and input from […]

Repair or replace industrial parts: Which makes more sense?

Your Sirem pump has failed, your Spaggiara worm gearbox has finally picked up, your Zurrer gearbox has given up the goose. What do you do, attempt to get these essential parts repaired or simply buy new ones? As we explored in our blog about industrial gearbox repair versus gearbox replacement, there are pros and cons to both repairing industrial parts and merely replacing them. One thing is for sure, when a vital industrial part does fail, it can cost companies dearly in terms of downtime. It is therefore within every operator’s interest to have components in full working condition as soon as possible. Age and overall condition of the part Naturally when deciding on whether to replace a part or […]

Selecting the right coupling for plastic tubing

Whether it’s Desch couplings, Dinal couplings, Enemax couplings, Falk couplings, Jaure coupling, Tschan coupling, or just about any other make of coupling, these small and often overlooked until they fail components are the critical connections in many power transmission drive systems. Selecting the right coupling for specific machinery and applications is essential to improve performance and avoid operational problems. The same principle can be applied to when selecting couplings for plastic tubing. From chemical compatibility to characteristics related to the flow, as Laboratory Equipment notes, every application is unique and it is vital to get the right coupling for plastic tubing to ensure an accurate and leak-free performance. It is important to remember that couplings are produced in a variety […]

Advice for sourcing compatible machine parts quickly, efficiently and economically

Are you paying too much for your industrial parts? Perhaps the likes of Deepak variable speed pulleys, Sira spring tool balancers, Pacific linear bearings, Rectus hose couplings and other essential industrial parts are costing you more than you’d ideally like to pay? If so, you could be sourcing the parts from the wrong locations. Go online When it comes to buying products of virtually any industry, the internet is a valuable tool for researching products and comparing prices. You’re first point of call could therefore be searching the internet for reputable industrial parts’ suppliers. Source and supply Opting for a company that offers a source and supply service can help save you time, effort and money when looking for and […]

Mining equipment maintenance and repairs advice

Industrial equipment comprises of an intricate and complex network of internal components of the likes of Sepro ab suppliers control systems, Orpex couplings, Falk wraplex couplings, Centrex clutches and Berges variable speed pulleys. Numerous industries rely on industrial equipment to keep the cogs of the sector turning, and none more so than the mining industry. As machinery and equipment required in for mining can be costly, it is within the interest of every company operating within the industry to maintain their equipment well in order to reduce equipment downtime. YB Components, machinery components suppliers since 1993, explores some maintenance solutions for industrial equipment used in the mining industry. Regular inspections and operator training As Apriso advises in its blog about […]