The benefits of properly lubricated industrial parts

One of the most important things you can do to maintain the condition and functionality of machinery and its internal components is to make sure it is adequately lubricated. Lubrication is important as it essentially reduces the fiction between moving parts. Without the proper lubrication of essential industrial parts such as Sirem gearboxes, Planox gearboxes, Desch couplings and Berges speed belts, parts are much more prone to become overheated and malfunction with catastrophic failure occurring. Though as Machinery Lubrication advises, reducing friction and subsequently reducing heat are just two reasons it is essential to adequately lubricate industrial components. To prevent particles rubbing off Without any lubrication to ‘soften the friction’, when objects rub against one another, pieces of material can […]

Will industrial 3D printing help businesses save money?

It’s no secret that 3D printing has come an extremely long way in a fairly short period of time. The technology was originally developed in the 1980s by Charles Hull, as a means of producing polymer items. As we wrote in a blog earlier this year, if there is one industry that looks set to explode in coming years, it is 3D printing. From human organs to complex components for aircraft, 3D technology has made some colossal inroads in recent years. Much of the excitement surrounding 3D printing can be pinned on the fact this type of manufacturing process enables companies to ‘grow’ parts and products rather than “subtracting” materials. Consequently, as Forbes notes, 3D printing, also known as Additive […]

A look at variable speed pulleys

A variable speed pulley is a piece of equipment that is used to change the speed of a rotating shaft in order to either decrease or increase the revolutions of a shaft per minute. This well-established drive comprises of a ‘V’ cross section on the belt that is used in the pulley. The sides of the ‘V’ conform to the faces of the flanges on the pulley. When the flanges either open or close, the belt is forced to go up or down. This motion increases or decreases the revolutions per minute of the shaft the pulley is mounted on. What are variable speed pulleys used for? This type of drive is designed to create a continuous speed variation for […]

Advice for using couplings in your application

Couplings comes in many different sizes, shapes, types and forms. From flexible spider couplings to all steel gear couplings, torque limiting couplings, to miniature couplings, magnetic couplings to disc and grid type couplings, there are a myriad of couplings designed for different jobs and applications. As we wrote in our blog about what to consider when selecting couplings, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a coupling for a given application, such as the horsepower of the motor, the shaft separation, the shaft size and keyway, amongst others. Once you have selected the right coupling there are certain elements you should consider when using couplings of any shape, size or form in  your particular application. Mounting the coupling to […]