Common industrial clutch problems

Whether it’s an Enemac clutch, a Desch clutch, a Conax clutch or just about any make of industrial clutch, these mechanical components are essential in controlling equipment that comes with mechanical drive assemblies. As we wrote in an earlier blog, there are many different types of industrial clutches, ranging from air cooled clutches to torque limiting clutches, industrial toothed clutches and electromagnetic clutches. Industrial clutches are manufactured for a wide range of applications in power transmission. Some of the most common applications of industrial clutches include: .               Aerospace .               Military/Marine .               Heavy-duty transport .               Conveyor drives .               Heavy equipment, including tractors and dump trucks .               Pump motor drives .               Off-road applications Whilst industrial mechanical clutches come with numerous advantages compared […]

Conveyor systems maintenance tips

Is your conveyor system past its sell-by date? Are you worried that any day now the conveyor system you’ve been operating for years will cease to work and be destined for the scrap heap? Being such an expensive but vital part of manufacturing operations it stands to reason that companies worry about the prospect of their conveyor system grinding to a halt and having to be replaced with a new one. Consequently, it is within every business’s interest that relies on a conveyor system to maintain this crucial equipment well and keep it turning for as long as possible. From Sferax linear bearings to Sirem pumps, Spaggiari gearboxes to Tschan posimin couplings, YB Components strive to keep our readers informed […]

Should you use an industrial machinery auction?

Did you know you can pick up industrial machinery at auctions? These specific types of auctions typically have large numbers of second-hand industrial equipment up for grabs. Often the auctions are defined into categories, such as an agricultural auction one week, aerospace another week and even more specialist such as auctions selling industrial components like brakes, gearboxes, screws and more. If you are thinking about using an auction to purchase a piece of industrial machinery or vital components such as Desch, Dina-Al, Tschan and Enemac couplings and clutches, have a look at the following pros and cons of relying on auctions for industrial machinery. You have the chance of viewing what you buy As Wolfe Auctions writes, public machinery auctions […]

Three industrial tools you might be better renting than buying

It’s no secret that relying on a complex network of the likes of Trasco flexible couplings, Zurrer drivers, Pujol geared units and Centrex clutches, industrial tools can be expensive to buy. Naturally, if you’re using a tool regularly and relying on it for business operations, purchasing the piece of equipment is almost definitely the most economical option. However, if the tool only gets used once every six month, it might be more cost-effective to rent the machine rather than buy one. That way you are almost guaranteed to have a high-quality tool without having to make a hefty initial investment. Take a look at the following industrial power tools that you might be better off renting rather than buying. Tile […]