Power tools noise reduction tips

With a complex array of internal components such as Falk couplings, Enemac torque limiters, Ave chains and Centrex clutches working and grinding together, it stands to reason that power tools create a significant amount of noise.  Whilst noise is an intrinsic part of many industries, there are certain strategies that can be taken to limit the amount of noise those operating and working in close proximity can carry out to reduce the amount of noise they are exposed to. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 was enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on all industries in 2006. The objective of the Regulations is to ensure the hearing of workers is protected from excessive noise at their […]

Advice on avoiding coupling failure

From Enemac couplings to Falk couplings, industrial couplings have a primary function of connecting rotating shafts for the transfer of rotary torque and motion. As Ruland advises, similar to all mechanical equipment, a coupling must match its “intended purpose and application parameters, including many different performance, environmental, use and service factors.” In order to help avoid the likes of Dinal gel couplings, Falk steelflex grid couplings and Dinal specialmatic couplings from failing, it is important to avoid making the following errors. Choosing the incorrect type of coupling for the application One of the biggest errors that leads to coupling failure is selecting the wrong type of coupling for a given application. When choosing a coupling for industrial use, you should […]

Explaining different types of industrial clutches

It’s no secret that whether it’s a Planox clutch, Desch clutches, or any type of clutch, selecting the right industrial clutch for a particular job requires a degree of technical expertise. As there are many different types of clutches in existence, choosing the right one can be easier said than done. YB Components, specialists in industrial parts, explore what the different types of clutches are and what they are used for. Industrial Toothed Clutches Industrial Toothed Clutches are used in a number of industries for different applications. These types of clutches are typically used when operating machinery in wet conditions as they comprise of locking of the stationery coil body. Air Cooled Clutch As Drive Line Inc highlights in its […]

Working with geared motors

From Bauer gearboxes to Heynau geared motors, Pujol gearboxes to Spaggiari geared motors, there of hundreds of industrial gearbox manufacturers across the globe. There are also hundreds of applications that require the use of industrial gearboxes and motors. Whether you are a novice at working with gear motors or are an experienced gearbox operator, you may want to take a look at the following advice on what to look out for when working with gearboxes and motors. Determine the required torque As we wrote in an earlier blog, regardless of whether you are operating a Liming gearbox or a Parallel shift gearbox, understanding the torque in relation to industrial gearboxes and geared motors is important. As Machine Design advises, the […]