How will 3D printing affect manufacturing and distribution?

If there is one technological advancement that looks set to soar in the forthcoming decades, it’s 3D printing. Whilst opening a host of opportunity, this rapidly developing industry could present challenges to manufacturing and distribution. Take a look at whether the likes of Sira manufacture, Sira distributor, universal joints manufacturers, universal joints distrubutors, are likely to be affected by the rise of 3D printing. According to the Harvard Business Review, as the applications of 3D printing develop and the price of the technology decreases, one of the primary implications will be that more and more goods will be manufactured either at the closer to their point of consumption. For example, instead of Sirem gearboxes being manufactured in the Sirem factory […]

Will wind turbine technology really become bladeless and void of moving parts?

Kumera gearboxes, Lamidisc all steel couplings Helical-geared motor bg series, Jaure couplings, Heynau gearboxes, Habix couplings, the list of models of gearboxes and couplings goes on and on. However, one thing industrial geared motors, gearboxes and couplings do have in common – they are essential components of a myriad of industries and applications. And none more so than the wind energy industry and wind turbines. As YB Components highlighted in a blog in 2014 about how wind turbines work, gearboxes and couplings are essential components of wind energy technology. For example, gearboxes are the central component of the drive train. However, are we about to see the likes of Pujol geared motors, Sirem gearboxes, Tchan posiflex couplings and other essential […]

Advice for reducing noise of industrial gearboxes and geared motors

Whilst noise goes hand in hand with manufacturing and using heavy machinery, severe noise can become a serious issue, namely to the potential damage it can cause to operators’ hearing. Consequently, every business that operates industrial machinery should constantly adhere to noise reduction strategies. Whether your production line relies on the likes of Sit couplings, Sirem motorised rollers, Planox clutches, or Orpex couplings, take a look at the following advice for reducing noise of industry machinery. Identifying the sources of excessive noise As Mar-Industrial advises in its excessive noise reduction tips, one of the most common places excessive noise takes place is within gear drive units. This is essentially due to the fact that the components within a gear drive […]

Linear bearing mistakes to avoid

Do you use Sferax linear bearings? Or maybe you rely on AMT linear bearings? Whatever type of linear bearing you use, there are several mistakes you should endeavour to avoid. Using plain bearings for a linear application When you are installing linear bearings, it is important that you use the right bearings for the application. For example, using plain bearings for a linear application is likely to cause irregular motion or binding. Failing to mount the bearings on a flat surface If bearings are mounted to a surface that isn’t rigid or flat, chatter is likely to occur. The same can be said if the bearings are not aligned correctly. The spacing of the bearings As the manufacturers of plastic […]