What to consider when selecting couplings

Sitex couplings, Sitex st couplings, Sitex fl couplings, Sit couplings, Trasco es zero backlash couplings, when it comes to couplings, the list goes on and on. So how do you select the right one for your application? Fortunately, selecting the right coupling is not that difficult, particularly when some prior research has been carried out. Take a look at the following points to consider when selecting couplings. As Coupling Answers writes, there are essentially five elements to consider when choosing a coupling: .               The keyway and shaft sizes .               The horsepower of the motor .               The RMP at the point of the coupling .               The shaft separation .               What driven equipment is being used As well as these points, several […]

Do you need a gearbox upgrade?

Industrial gearbox upgrades might sound costly and time-consuming but could actually save you time and money in the long-term. For example, if your Sirem gearbox, Heynau gearbox, Kumera gearbox, or any other type of industrial gearbox is experiencing repeat failure, an upgrade might be necessary. There are a number of reasons a gearbox might be experiencing failure, such as a flaw in its original design, or a change in the environment the equipment is operating in or its duty cycle. An effective industrial gearbox upgrade will optimise the design of the equipment, achieve improvements in reliability and maximise the operational capabilities. It will also extend the amount of time between service intervals, meaning you will save money on costs associated […]

Strengthen your production line through quality industrial equipment

Industrial equipment and component manufacturers are an essential part of a production line. With the right equipment, businesses can help production run to maximum efficiency. As the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) advises, a production line operating to its maximum efficiency ensures orders are completed on time, to the right standard and the end product is delivered in pristine condition. In a paper titled ‘The Importance of Good Power Quality’, Dr. Kurt Schipman and Dr. Francois Delince of ABB Power Quality Products, Belgium, highlight the possible financial consequences of poor power quality in electrical systems. The authors characterise Power Quality by “parameters that express harmonic pollution, reactive power and load unbalance.” The paper notes how poor Power Quality related to the […]

Sustainable solutions for industrial equipment

Every responsible and wise company recognises that sustainability is good for business. With green practices at the heart of modern industry, customers are increasingly willing to pay more for products that have been produced in an environmentally-friendly manner. Given the almost imperative drive to adopt greener practices, we take a look at some of the ways firms of all shapes, sizes and industries, can modify their equipment, machinery and practices so it adheres to the sustainable standards customers are coming to, not only desire, but expect. So how exactly do we ensure machinery operating the likes of Pujol geared motors, Murtdfeldt wearstrips and tensioners and Lenze variable speed pulleys, operate in a sustainable and responsible way? As PetroLiance notes, responsible […]

Increase production through ‘preventative maintenance’

In today’s manufacturing environment, businesses are under increased pressure to meet deadlines with the upmost of quality. In order to reach the optimum output, every process within the business needs to operate at maximum efficiency. Machinery plays an imperative role in generating efficiency within a production line. In order to remain competitive, businesses must ensure equipment is maintained to the highest order. To help ensure this goal is met, ‘preventative maintenance’ is crucial. According to a paper titled ‘Preventative Maintenance Optimisation’ by Idcon, a specialist reliability and maintenance management consulting firm, preventative maintenance needs to be “condition based” in order to remain cost-effective. “No preventative maintenance action is performed unless proven to be less costly than the failure. A simple […]