How to help prevent injury when operating heavy industrial machinery

Machinery in the workplace is essential in reducing labour time and increasing production. Whilst industrial equipment is an essential feature of many industries, it does present its own set of problems. Heavy machinery presents safety hazards and potential injuries to workers. This is why it is vitally important that machinery is kept in tip-top condition and operators are fully trained to work the equipment and are aware of the potential hazards. As we wrote in our blog titled ‘Safety Tips when Operating Industrial Machinery’, regardless of whether you are relying on machinery that uses Faulk couplings, a Sirem motor or a Danfoss bauer industrial gearbox, safety should never be compromised. If you or any colleagues or workers are operating heavy […]

Five tips for using couplings to optimise application efficiency

Whether you use Sitex fl couplings, SItex st couplings, Sit couplings, or just about any other type of coupling, there are a number of things you should consider when using couplings in any application. As we wrote in a blog in 2014 titled ‘Advice for Selecting the Right Coupling’, choosing the right type of coupling for application in hand is essential. However, selecting the right make, model and size of coupling is just one of many ways equipment operators can optimise application efficiency though couplings. Take a look at the following five tips for using couplings to optimise application efficiency. Consider coupling mounting with care As Machine Design advises, the way you choose to mount a coupling on the shaft […]

Explaining magnetic gear technology and its key benefits

From news emerging about Sirem suppliers, to the latest developments about Senotex sensors, the YB Components blog is committed to keeping our readers up-to-date about numerous aspects related to industrial parts and technology. This week we will explore some exciting developments emerging in the world of magnetic gear technology and the different benefits this technology provides. New developments in magnetic gear technology is being dubbed as transforming a diverse range of applications, from wind turbines to hybrid vehicles. As Industrial Technology reports, a number of new innovations have been surfacing within the magnetic gears sector. Fixed-ration magnetic gears, magnetically-geared motor generators and, more latterly, a magnetic continuously variable transmission. How does magnetic gear technology work? As with all gear technology, […]

Prevent coupling failure through correct installation and maintenance

Orpex couplings, Jaure couplings, Juboflex couplings and Habix couplings, and just about every other make and model of coupling you care to think of, all have one thing in common, they need proper installation and maintenance to avoid failure. As Machine Design advises, couplings selected with the right application in mind, improves precision, helps protect other important industrial components from premature failure and ultimately helps ensure the coupling lasts longer. Coupling maintenance Like most industrial components, couplings require regular inspections in order to keep working at their optimum. Generally speaking, couplings should be maintained annually. However, if the couplings are operating in harsh environments and demanding conditions, maintenance should be carried out more than once a year. The inspection should […]