Selecting the right gearbox or gearmotor for an application

From Sirem gear motors to Spaggiari geared motors, the Helical-geared motor bg series to Liming gearboxes, there is a wide range of makes and models of industrial gearboxes on the market, so how do you choose the right one? As Groschopp advises in its whitepaper on selecting the right gearmotor, choosing the right gearmotor for an application can be one of the most difficult components for design engineers to source. Groschopp maps out some tips designed to help a designer choose the right gearmotor for an application. Determine application requirements According to Groschopp, it is essential that the designer uses an application checklist to gather the relevant technical and commercial requirements. These gathered design inputs will be a critical feature […]

Industrial equipment inspection checklist

Following on from our blog about safety tips when operating industrial machinery, this blog will look at the inspection of work equipment and how to carry out an inspection properly.  In order for industrial machinery to operate properly all the inner components, such as Contitech Variflex Z belts and Lenze variable speed pulleys, must be collectively working well together to avoid the machine breaking or, worse still, the operator becoming injured. In order to maintain well-running equipment, it is essential that regular inspections are carried out. Whilst the need for inspection is essential for any piece of equipment where risks to health and safety may arise from incorrect installation and the deterioration of internal parts, the frequency of inspection should […]

Understanding the different types of bearings and their advantages

From a small pressing machine to a huge power plant, almost every piece of industrial equipment in existence relies on bearings in some kind of make, model, shape and form. As we wrote in an earlier blog, the global sale of the likes of Sferax linear bearings are expected to rise significantly in the next few years, driven by stark growth in developing industries. Given the importance, imperativeness and rise in sales of bearings, let’s take a look what this essential industrial component is and what the different types of bearings are. Put simply, a bearing is a mechanical device which guides or confines the motion of a machine by supporting the moving parts. The principle purpose of a bearing […]

Safety tips when operating industrial machinery

The correct operation of industrial machinery is a foundational principle of work safety. Whether you work machinery that uses a Sirem motor, a Danfoss bauer industrial gearbox or Faulk couplings, operating any type of industrial machinery can be potentially dangerous.