Looking after gearboxes in the hostile environment of wind turbines

Gearboxes for wind turbines are challenging both to repair and maintain. This is primarily due to the fact wind turbines are often located in remote settings and the gearbox is situated in an elevated position. Wind turbines typically operate in extreme conditions meaning getting to internal components can be difficult. However, as challenging as they are to maintain, like virtually every other piece of machinery, it is vital that the gearboxes of wind turbines are regularly inspected and oil changes are frequently made in order to protect components from becoming worn and not operating at their optimum. Whether it’s Kimera or Heynau, Sirem or Spaggiari, gearboxes – in producing a small rotational force – known as torque – are essential […]

Developing economies are driving demand for industrial couplings and bearings

The sale of industrial couplings and bearings are being driven by significant growth in developing industries. According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan, the sale of the likes of Sitex couplings and Sferax linear bearings are expected to increase from global sales of $22 billion in 2013 to $26.7 billion by 2018. Frost & Sullivan are market research, technology and economic analysts, which monitors emerging markets around the world. Value-added services The quality and cost of these essential industrial components have become standardised around the globe. Consequently, when purchasing industrial couplings and components, customers will base their decision on “value-added” services, continued the Frost & Sullivan report. Value-added services might include industrial parts comprising of maintenance-free technologies, such […]

The estimated growth of wind energy in the UK

The use of wind energy worldwide continues to steadily increase. In 2013 the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) released its market statistics which showed there was a cumulative global capacity that reached a total of 318,137 MW, an increase of almost 200,000 MW during the five years leading to 2013. Wind energy usage continues to increase in Great Britain where it is the second largest source of renewable energy. In an effort to reduce fossil fuel reliance, the UK continues to maintain its wind energy growth. With wind energy at the core of Britain’s renewable energy plans, as British Wind Energy States, this type of green energy is expected to grow significantly during the forthcoming years. A very windy country! […]

Tips for buying parts for power tools

Whether you work in the printing industry, textiles, manufacturing, mining or shipping, or any kind of industry, you are likely to have to rely on power tools from time to time. Quality power tools help businesses meet the highest standards of precision, speed and durability, meaning companies can achieve great working results. But what happens when a power tool you rely on becomes faulty and fails to operate at its best? A power tool includes any type of device that uses an alternate power source, such as hydraulic, air and electric. The most common types of power tools use electric motors. As with most equipment, the parts used in power tools vary enormously and could include anything from Sirem geared […]