Tips for preventing rust occurring on industrial machinery

Carrying on from last week’s blog when we touched up the potential detrimental effects rust can have on industrial machinery, this week’s blog will explore in greater detail how you can help prevent rust occurring on industrial machinery. Rust is the unsightly result of when moisture and oxygen comes into contact will metal. They say ‘prevention is better than cure’ and whilst rust, in most cases, can either be removed or diminished, it is far better to prevent it occurring in the first place. So how exactly do we help keep Pujol geared motors, Kauermann Couplings, Lenze Variable Speed pulleys and other vital industrial ‘organs’ rust free? Use lubrication Industrial equipment can be susceptible to soaking up moisture, which when […]

Save your business money by looking after your industrial motors

Whatever industry you work in, whether it’s textile, mining, canning or any type of sector that relies on industrial machinery, purchasing new equipment is a significant business cost. With all the internal components of a piece of machinery, such as Sferax linear bearings, Sirem motorised rollers, Tschan rollastic couplings, Worm gearboxes and variable speed belts, equipment needs to be well looked after in order to keep on working and make your business money. And none more so than industrial motors.  Similar to a car’s engine, putting an industrial motor under unnecessary strain will mean it won’t be operating at its optimal and is likely to have to be replaced prematurely. Whether you own a Sirem motor or a Spaggiari geared […]

Advice for cleaning bearings

Sferax linear bearings, AMT linear bearings or just about any type of bearing, all have one thing in common – they are a crucial machine component which is designed to reduce friction between moving parts. Bearings can either provide free linear movement of the moving parts or prevent a motion by controlling the vectors of the forces. Either way bearings are an essential component in a myriad of machinery and equipment for a diverse range of industries. From the verb ‘to bear’ Did you know that the noun ‘bearing’ derives from the verb ‘to bear’? This is in reference to a bearing being a part of machinery that enables one component ‘to support’ or ‘bear’ another. So how do we […]

Making your textile plant more energy-efficient

Out of all the manufacturing industries, the textile sector is one of the most complex. The complexity of the textile industry has been dubbed as being owed to the fact it is a diverse and fragmented sector which is dominated by SMEs. As the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory says in its paper titled ‘Energy-Efficiency Improvement Opportunities for the Textile Industry’, energy is one of the primary costs in the textile sector. There are also, as the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory highlights, various energy-efficient opportunities in every textile plant, which can prove cost-effective to textile businesses. Machinery is essential in the textiles trade. Without machinery and all its components such as parallel shaft gearboxes, Kumera clutches, Juboflex couplings, Murtdfeldt […]

Tips for retaining the condition of industrial equipment

Sirem gearboxes, Spaggiari gearboxes, Sumitomo gearboxes and Worm gearboxes, whatever type of gearbox you use, it will require regular maintenance and some TLC to help keep it in top working order. This can be said about all types of industrial parts. Whether you use machinery for the generation of an end product or merely as a side-line activity, every component in the machine requires some maintenance work to ensure it carries on working to its optimum. From wrapflex couplings to variable speed belts, Tschan couplings to a Planix clutch, take a look at the following top tips for retaining the condition of industrial equipment. Regular inspection checks Carrying out regular inspection checks is essential to help maintain the life and value […]