Limiting machinery vibration

Sitex couplings, Sirem pumps, Spaggiari large belt-closed motor variators, Wrapflex couplings and Zurrer drivers, all industrial machinery is made up of a complex network of components that work together to generate an optimum result. Whether you work in the textile industry, printing, quarrying, packaging, canning, mining, shipping, or just about any industry that requires the use of machinery, you are likely to come across noise and vibration in your day-to-day duties. Reducing machinery chatter Also known as ‘chatter’, machining vibrations are created by the movement between the item being worked on and the machinery working on the product. These vibrations can result in waves being generated on the machined surface. In the early 20th century, Frederick Taylor, the American mechanical […]

Advice for selecting the right coupling

How important is selecting the right coupling in influencing successful output of a machine? In short, choosing the right coupling for the task you are carrying out is vitally important. Depending on the application, more than one type of coupling may be suitable. One application may require the use of Jaure couplings or a Habix coupling, whilst another task may need Falk wrapflex couplings. Whatever job you have in hand, take a look at the following advice for selecting the right coupling. Refrain from basing your choice on price rather than performance Operating under tight budget margins means it can be tempting to base your choice of coupling on the price of the component. Prioritising the cost may however prove […]

The lubricant challenges of smaller gearboxes

Sirem gearboxes, Spaggiari geared-motor units, Zurrer worm gears and Sumitomo gearboxes and every industrial gearbox you care to imagine, for gearboxes to operate at their optimum they should run in dry, clean and cool conditions. However, in reality, the likes of manufacturing plants, steel mills and other hostile industrial environments are far from dry, clean and cool. Lubricants in harsh environments Contaminants such as water, heat, higher loads and pressures, even with regular lubricant maintenance, can hamper gearbox functionality. As industrial machinery continues to become smaller and exposed to diverse applications, it is more imperative than ever that the lubricants used to protect the likes of Sumitomo gearboxes and Spaggiari geared-motor units are able to withstand hostile environments. The diminishing […]

China aims to boost robot manufacturing industry

Since 2005 when we expanded our business from a local service to a global organisation, YB Components has been supplying everything from Sferax linear bearings and Trasco es zero backlash couplings to Sirem motors and Spaggiari variators, to companies in different industries around the world. Being a nation of avid manufacturers, China is a certainly a country where demand for industrial equipment and the complex array of components that ensure industrial machinery works proficiently is rampant. In fact in 2010 China overtook the United States as the world’s largest manufacturing nation. In 2013 it was reported that China had widened its lead on the US as the top global manufacturer. Keen to maintain its position, according to the Ministry of […]