Variable Speed Pulleys: What are they?

From Berges variable speed pulleys to Lenze variable speed pulleys, there is a huge range of variable speed pulleys on the market. But what exactly are these important industrial components and how do they work? Put simply, a variable speed pulley is a device that alters the speed of the rotating shaft member in order to either increase or decrease the revolutions of that particular shaft per minute. There is a ‘V’ section used in the belt of the pulley. The sides of this ‘V’ component conform to the angular faces of the pulley flanges. The belt is then forced up or down the pulley as the flanges open or close. This motion produces either a smaller or larger working […]

The increased popularity of integrated geared motors and gearboxes

Pujol geared motors, Kumera gearboxes, Pujol muntala gearboxes, Helical-geared motor bg series – the list of different makes and models of industrial geared motors and gearboxes could go on and on. The popularity and demand for geared motors and gearboxes are showing little sign of abating. On the contrary the need for integrated gear motors and gearboxes are on the rise. But why? Sustainable energy fuelling the demand for gearboxes YB Components recognise that there isn’t a single industry that does not use gearboxes and geared motors. As we wrote in last week’s blog, gearboxes are an essential component of wind power. The increasing emphasis on sustainable energy efficiency and growing investments being made in the likes of wind power […]

Why gearboxes and couplings are essential components of wind power

Love them or loathe them, we can’t ignore the power of wind turbines. What some might consider a ‘blot on the landscape’, others regard as a modern requisite of saving our planet from an otherwise inevitable demise. But how do wind turbines work? What components are essential to help these slow-moving mechanisms rotate? Gearboxes and couplings Fact: There isn’t an industry that does not use gearboxes and couplings in some shape and for, including the wind power sector. For a wind turbine to work efficiently the gearbox, coupling, generator and converter all need to interact smoothly to ensure the system runs reliably. A wind turbine essentially works the opposite to a fan. Whilst a fan relies on electricity to make […]

The different applications of industrial couplings

Couplings are essentially a device which is used to connect two shafts in order to transmit power. While couplings in general do not enable to disconnection of shafts during operation, torque limiting couplings can disconnect when torque limit is exceeded. From Sit couplings to Sitex st couplings, Tschan posiflex couplings to Tschan tormax couplings, the fundamental purpose of these essential industrial components is to join two pieces of rotating equipment whilst allowing an element of end movement, misalignment, or both. Flexible couplings Flexible couplings are used in machinery for a number of different purposes. In fact most mechanical equipment require, at some point, a flexible coupling to link two or sometimes more steel shafts. The purpose of flexible shaft couplings […]

Maintaining your Industrial Gearboxes can prolong their life

When it comes to your industrial gearboxes, suppliers will nearly always warn you to ensure you take good care of them.  Conducting regular gearbox repairs and inspections will ensure you get the best out of your industrial gearboxes. Of course it’s vitally important to keep the flow of work steady though, so stopping work to regularly inspect can cause issue. However, it is possible to minimise downtime and still make sure your gearboxes are working in the way they need to be, and they last as long as possible before you have to replace them. Check your industrial gearboxes environment is optimised Most of the time, industrial gearboxes such as Spaggiari and Sirem gearboxes are operated in, let’s face it, not […]