Explaining the different types of couplings

Sit couplings, Sitex couplings, Sitex fl couplings, Sitex st couplings, Stellflex grid couplings, Tschan tormax couplings, Tschan nor-mex coulings, the list goes on and on and on. There are thousands of industrial couplings in existence. This blog will look at industrial couplings, the need for couplings and the various types of couplings there are. Couplings are essentially mechanical elements that ‘couples’ two drive elements together. This then enables motion to be transferred from one element to another. Couplings, whether it is steelflex grid couplings, trasco flexible couplings, Tcb barrel couplings, or any other type of coupling, are generally categorised into one of two varieties: .               Flexible or compensating couplings .               Rigid couplings Rigid couplings Rigid couplings are typically used where […]

How to check for signs of industrial equipment wear and tear?

A shoddily working adjustable centre variable speed pulley, ave chain, anti-vibration mount, Centrex clutch, Cls45 senotec switching amplifier, or just about any type of component, will not do the productivity or lifespan of your industrial machinery any favours whatsoever. All parts in any piece of equipment are there for a reason and it is the collective inner workers of equipment that ensures machinery works as it should. If a component becomes worn it will have a knock-on effect to how the rest of the components perform and ultimately how efficient the piece of machinery performs as a whole. Exchanging vital components, such as Berges speed belts and Cls60 aluminium switching amplifiers, or repairing them, will inevitably increase the productivity of […]

Need industrial parts abroad? Let YB Components lend a helping hand

Do you operate industrial equipment from abroad? Are you going overseas and are concerned that in your absence, machinery might break and those in charge of operating the equipment won’t be able to correctly locate replacement pieces? Whether it’s Sferax linear bearings you require, a Sirem gearbox, Sit couplings, Spaggiari parallel shaft gearboxes, Trasco es zero backlash couplings or variable speed belts, the good news is that locating specialist industrial parts is not as difficult or time-consuming as you might perceive – even when you’re abroad. An international portfolio of industrial component manufacturers at your fingertips It goes without saying, there are hundreds of industrial gearbox manufacturers located around the world. Being as far away as Japan and the United […]

Explaining Pneumatic and Hydraulic components

Both hydraulic and pneumatic systems share a number of similarities. This shared operational function primarily stems from the fact both hydraulic and pneumatic systems rely on the pressure quality of substances around them to turn motors and generate electromagnetic fields. Whilst pneumatic systems compress gas and use the compression to carry out their tasks, hydraulic systems create force using liquid, typically oil or water. Pumps Both pneumatic and hydraulic systems rely on pumps to move both liquid and gas. Hydraulic systems require a pumping process to effectively move and replenish liquids. A pneumatic system requires a pump to draw in outside air. The air is then compressed by a compressor which is connected to the pump in order to pressurise […]

What makes a quality industrial parts supplier?

“Excuse me have you got an adjustable center variable speed pulley available for immediate dispatch?” “Yes certainly Sir, what’s your address and I will send it right away?” Whatever industry you work in, whether it’s mining, textile, packaging, shipping, quarrying, paper, canning, printing, bottling, to name just a few, there will almost inevitably be a point when you need a component for an essential piece of equipment replacing – quickly. This is when a supplier and distributer of industrial parts can step in and prove invaluable. Like there are good hairdressers and bad ones, reliable plumbers and not so reliable ones, quality teachers and mediocre ones, there are good suppliers of industrial equipment and not so good suppliers So how […]