Give your gears a break by choosing the right coupling!

Crown toothed gear couplings, Desch couplings, Dinal gel couplings, Enmac couplings, Falk couplings, Falk wrapflex couplings, the list goes on and on. With such a vast array of couplings on the market, how do you know if you’ve chosen the right one? And how important is the right choice of coupling in determining successful machine operation? Let’s begin by explaining what exactly couplings are. A coupling is essentially a device that is used in a piece of equipment to connect two shafts together for the purpose of transmitting power. Generally speaking couplings do not enable disconnection of shafts during operation. There are however torque limiting couplings which can slip or disconnect when the torque limit is exceeded. The principle aim […]

Increase company productivity regardless of your industry by repairing or exchanging vital parts

There’s not many industries that don’t rely on industrial machinery and equipment in some kind of shape, size or form. Whether it’s a SIrem motor, a Tschan tormax coupling, Zurrer worm gears or variable speed belts, almost all industries require the need to use equipment that comprises of gearboxes, couplings and other vital industrial components. And none more so than the textiles industry. Textile manufacturing Textile manufacturing is a major industry. The textile trade is primarily involved in the production of cloth and the subsequent manufacture of clothing. The raw materials used in the textile industries may be natural or synthetic. Cotton remains one of the most important natural fibres and consequently the types of machines used in the textile […]

Construction equipment operator jobs forecast to rise significantly in the next 6 – 8 years

Do you know Sira spring tool balancers from Sirem pumps? A Bevel helical from a Centrex clutch? A Clc 40 switching amplifier from ave chains? And a Danfoss bauer industrial gearbox from a crowned tooth gear coupling? If so, a job that involves using industrial equipment could be the career path for you, that’s if you are not already in the industry. Perhaps you’re a recent school leaver or college graduate wanting to embark on a career as an industrial equipment mechanic? Or perhaps you are in your forties and you fancy a change of career that would satisfy your enthusiasm towards heavy equipment operations. Either way, you may be pleased to learn that construction equipment operators have been estimated […]

Protecting bearings from the elements with bearing housings

From Enemac clutches to Danfoss bauer industrial gearboxes, Csv41 Senotec switching amplifiers to Desch couplings, industrial equipment of all manner of shapes, sizes, forms and complexities comprise of bearings. A bearing is essentially an element of a machine that constrains motion and limits the friction created by moving parts. In order for machinery to continue operating at its optimum, bearings need to be in good order. So how do you protect these essential components of machinery? Consider you environment Whether your workshop comprises of Spaggiari geared-motors, Pujol geared units, Kumera clutches or Liming gearboxes, the environment the machinery operates in ideally should be dust and water free. Put simply, when dust and water settles around a bearing it can lead […]