Putting less strain on our resources with worm gears

In the world of power transmission engineering, sustainability and energy efficiency are rapidly gaining importance. Gearbox manufacturers and the makers of other parts for power transmission engineering are increasingly searching for ways to reduce the reliance on raw material consumption and increase energy efficiency. Greater efficiency and better CO2 balance can be achieved by making machines more efficient. It can also be attained by extending the maintenance intervals and the lifetime of internal components such as Dinal gel couplings, Desch clutches and Csv41 senotex switching amplifiers. Increasing power transmission efficiency through gear lubricants Changing from mineral-oil-based to synthetic lubricants is a direct and effective way to increase gear efficiency. Synthetic lubricants also help protect the likes of Pujol geared units […]

Getting quality parts for your industrial equipment

Purchasing the right part for your equipment will save you money, resources and time. Getting high quality products are likely to last longer, consequently proving more cost-effective in the long-term. Whether it’s Enemac couplings or Heynau gearboxes, with quality internal components operating your machinery in a seamless and smooth manner, production in your factory or workshop will inevitably increase. Enhanced productivity means one thing – greater profits. So how exactly do you get your hands on high quality products and parts for industrial equipment? Look for a reputable name When it comes to industrial gearboxes, motors, couplings and clutches, variable speed pulleys and belts, and a whole host of other essential components for industrial machinery, there are certain manufacturers that […]

Reducing operation and maintenance costs at an industrial workshop

In the global economy we are firmly entrenched in industrial companies are competing with one another on worldwide scale. With competition so high, more often than not, net profits are only achieved by manufacturing more efficiently at a lower cost. On the surface this might sound easier said than done. However, in the industrial manufacturing industry, costs and overheads can be fairly easily reduced and profits increased by simply assessing your industrial equipment. Updating and modernising old, efficient systems with newer and more efficient machinery and equipment can pay off in the long-term. Within just a few months, what might seem like a strain on your budget initially, can begin paying off, resulting in the same work being carried out […]

Prolonging machinery life with the right industrial gear lubricant

If the likes of Spaggiari worm gearboxes, Zurrer geared motors, Sumitomo gearboxes, or just about any type of industrial gears operated in clean, cool and dry environments, our lives would be much simpler. Unfortunately as gear-driven devices are typically worked in manufacturing factories and steel plants, conditions are anything but clean, dry and cool. Consequently, the selection of industrial gear lubricant can be challenging.   High-performance additives   As technology improves, geared motor units are becoming progressively smaller, lighter and generally more compact. Alongside the shrinking size of industrial equipment that require gears, machinery is pushed to create high volumes of power and be increasingly durable and reliable.   With gearboxes downsizing and equipment loads increasing, room temperatures can often […]