Explaining worm gears

From Spaggiari worm gearboxes to Zurrer worm gears, there are hundreds of industrial gearbox manufacturers around the world manufacturing worm gears. With so many worm gear motors in and devices in existence, worm gears are obviously an important component of industrial equipment But what exactly are worm gears and how do they work?  What are worm gears? A worm gear – or worm drive as it is sometimes referred to – is a specific gear composition. A screw – worm – interlocks with a gear/wheel similar to a spur gear.  The set-up enables the machinery operator to determine rotational speed.  The set-up also allows for higher force to be transmitted.  How do worm gears work? Worm gears work by the […]

Industrial unit maintenance

As we looked at in our last blog, repairing an industrial unit, such as a Sirem gearbox or a Kumera clutch, is often less less time-consuming and more cost-effective than buying a new part. However, there are times when an industrial unit is at the end of its lifeline and simply isn’t worth repairing.   Whilst all industrial equipment and components are by no means infinite and have a lifeline, the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ can be applied to all types of industrial units, no better how big or small. In order to prolong the lifeline of Zurrer worm gears, variable speed belts, Tschan couplings and virtually every component and device designed for industrial operations, it is important […]

Industrial gearbox repair versus gearbox replacement

Experiencing problems with an industrial gearbox can cost you time and money, not to mention headaches. If the gearbox isn’t working at its optimum, your initial response might be to replace the unit. Repairing an existing industrial gearbox to a quality and good as new standard can cost significantly less than buying a replacement unit. What’s more, unless the industrial gearbox suppliers have a particular unit in stock, using a gearbox repair service can be a much quicker way to ensure you’re back with fully-functional, as-good-as-new machinery in no time. There is however certain instances when buying a replacement gearbox would be the best option.   Take a look what the best options are when your industrial gearbox breaks down. […]

Three leading gearbox-reliant industries

You can think as long and hard as you want but you’ll be hard-pushed to come up with an industry that doesn’t use some form of gearbox. From Pujol geared motors to Sirem gearboxes, Spaggiari worm gearboxes to Heynau gearboxes, there is a myriad of industrial gearbox suppliers providing this essential industrial tool to infinite industries and businesses. Why do we need gearboxes? It is not a coincidence that so many sectors and markets rely on gearboxes in order to execute their products, services and operations. With the use of industrial gearboxes, a small rotational force – known as a torque – is used to produce a much greater rotational force. This effectively means a slow rate of revolution can […]